Still Animals

In Still Animals – a dance-installation – the famous studies of Eadweard Muybridge come to life.  Iconic photograph series (such as the jumping cat or the flying pigeon) are performed by naked human bodies, subtly manipulated by camouflaged performers.  In-between the human and the animal, these intriguing beings look both artificial and organic, they seem to be moving while staying in place.  Out of the darkness appears a mesmerizing suspense of jumping and flying bodies, coupled to an almost absurdly lowtech constellation that creates the illusion of effortless motion.

Text by Marnix Rummens (NL) Beweging als verbondenheid – Over Still Animals van Tuur Marinus

Art_s Birthday at M HKA, 2016, © Bram Goots-1670
Art’s Birthday @ M HKA, 2016
Nuit Blanche (c)Tom Cornille
Nuit Blanche 2016 @ National History Museum, Brussels
Art_s Birthday at M HKA, 2016, © Bram Goots-1673
Art’s Birthday @ M HKA, 2016
Still Animals Installation @ Bouge B Festival, DeSingel

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