Stereoscope Labo

An experiment in which Tuur & Flup reflect upon old stereographic cards via oil paintings.

Looking at these paintings in an exhibition becomes an overwhelming experience since they too can be seen (via e.g. your smartphone) in 3D.  This play with different (modern vs. old) techniques and different ways of experiencing a painting can be seen as a continuation of the depicted theme.

The paintings deal with our mediated gaze towards nature and animals and focus on the point where ‘our mediated gaze’ fuses with ‘our urge to dominate nature and the animal kingdom’.

Coup de Ville 2020 – Sint-Niklaas
Coup de Ville 2020 – Sint-Niklaas
Coup de Ville 2020 – Sint-Niklaas
Coup de Ville 2020 – Sint-Niklaas
WorkingTitleFestival @ WorkSpaceBrussels

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